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Powerex, The Leader in Pure Air Technology, continues its commitment to design and manufacture compressors and compressor systems delivering your "Pure Air" requirements year after year. This world class technology has resulted from the combined engineering and production efforts of two of the largest compressor manufactures in the world, created a new breed of oilless and lubricated compressor and vacuum systems: both affordable and reliable!

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New Powerex SOS Units

New Powerex 10 to 40 HP Oil-less Scroll Air Compressor Technology.

Pure Air Technology from Powerex, the NEW Powerex SOS Scroll Operating System monitors the demand on the air supply while minimizing the energy usage with SOS technology. As the demand for compressed air varies continuously the SOS control operates the optimum number of scrolls, thus maximizing energy savings and extending maintenance intervals.

Does your Air System minimize the cost of the compressed air needed?

Introducing Powerex SOS, a Scroll compressor Operating System that doubles as your accountant. Earning your business the highest rate of return by providing air at the lowest possible price. This uniquely designed operating system controls the operation of Multiple Powerex Oilless Scroll compressors, ranging from 10 to 20 horsepower.

• QUIET - So quiet you can't believe it's running. The enclosed Powerex Scroll Air compressors are surrounded with a sound dampening steel enclosure that absorbs the sound and provides an aesthetically pleasing appearance.
• COMPACT - No need for a separate room, the room is included. Combining the low operating noise with the small footprint, this Powerex Compressor can be installed almost anywhere.
• MAINTENANCE - Once a year or 10,000 hours. Powerex SOS reminds you of when maintenance is needed.


Rotating the orbiting scroll within the stationary scroll causes a crescent shaped compression cavity. This crescent shaped compression cavity moves around the point of symmetry reducing the cavities size and exhausting the compressed air out the center of the stationary scroll. No other technology offers fewer moving components and lower bearing loads than the Powerex Scroll Compressor.

Powerex SOS Operation Modes

Displays the Powerex compressors operating, caution and service requirements. The operating pressure range is preset and adjustable to the users demands.

Provides warning that a high temperature condition exists within the Powerex compressor cabinet or air end. This mode would also alert the user when service is required.

Informs the user of when scheduled maintenance is to be performed in addition to the systems diagnostics of the electrical power and temperature.

Enables the user or installer to reset the operating mode and service mode of the Powerex system.